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Q. What is a cloud?

Cloud: ab: a scud, an envelope, cloud, thick /cloud, a thickness, density, darkness. 5645
anan: cloud, a cloud, cloudy, thick. 6050
ananah: cloud, a cloud, a heavy cloud, cloudiness. 6051 6053
araphel: cloud, high cloud, thick cloud, dark cloud, dark, darkness, thick darkness, gross darkness.
chaziz: bright cloud. 2385
kaph: hand, the hollow hand, palm, cloud. 3709
nasi: something lifted up and exalted, a rising mist, vapours, cloud, clouds. 5387
nephele: cloud, a cloud, a small cloud, a thin cloud, cloudiness. 3507
nephos: cloud, a cloud. 3509
shachaq: cloud, a cloud, a thin cloud, small dust, powder, beaten small powder, a thin vapour, sky, the firmament, heaven. 7834
ub: to send a thickness, to be dense, to be darken, to be cloud, cover with a cloud. 5743

Scud: Run before the wind. Run fast. Fly fast. Swiftly move along, Vapoury driven clouds.

27 For he maketh gara, (small) the drops of water: they pour down rain according to the vapour thereof:
28 Which the clouds do drop and distil upon man abundantly. Job 36:27,28 1639

Vapour: a gaseous state of liquid.
Mist: fine spray (drops) of water.

A. A cloud is a gathering together of mist, vapours, small particles of water, (tiny drops of water) that have risen up from the earth, liquid water, (the sea) and condensed on small particles of powder (dust) within the atmosphere. Within the atmosphere there are particles of dust..High up in the atmosphere there are particles of fine dust..The particles of dust that are within the air, were beaten small..Dust comes from things that have been beaten small.

Tiny particles (droplets) of water get, go, rise, arise, ascend, climb, mount, begin to spring, spring, shoot forth, shooting, grow, come, cause to come, cause to go, cause to ascend, make to come, make to go away, make, make to rise, make go, make rise, make come, bring, carry, take away, be brought, be taken, carry, bring, fetch, lift, raise, take, be brought, lift self, be come, be gone, stir, break, be broken, cast, set) up, make to rise, raise, lift /self, to ascend, be high, scale, climb, mount, leap, exalt, be exalted, depart, come/ in, go /away, make to go/ away, be gone away, make to come, cause to come, bring, take away, break/ing, break [the day], dawn/ing, (cause to) burn, be burnt, grow /over, be grown over, (be) cut off, lay, be laid, mention, be mentioned, offer/ing, be offered, perfect, restore, recover, shoot forth, (begin to) spring, at once, put /on, be put, set, levy, make to pay, increase, vapour, surely, work, fall, prefer, chew, light, excel (with al 2). See: arukah. ariseth a young / er, est, little/ one, small, less/er, least. little an envelope, a scud, a cloud, cloud/s, thick cloud, a thickness, density, cloud out of the pool, artificial basin, basin of water, lake, large (body of water, river), a sea, sea, to roar, sea, like a man's foot, sole, the sole, sole of foot, paw, the paw of an animal, palm, the palm, palm of hand, hand, hollow, middle, spoon, the bowl of a dish, the bowl of a sling, handful, apiece, handle, the handle of a bolt, handled, branch, the leaves of a palm tree, cloud, power..See male, melo, midrak, taphas. hand.

Liquid water is burn (stirred up), by heat, and the liquid water breaks into tiny particles of water that are cast, made (caused) to leap, spring, (shoot), up into the air, and the water vapour is (tiny drops of water are) cut off from the earth, carried, taken, (lifted) high up into the atmosphere by the continually moving air.

Myriads of tiny drops of water rise up into the air from the earth (sea)..Myriads of tiny drops of water are continually rising up into the air from the earth (sea)..Myriads of tiny drops of water form clouds..A mist is a myriad of tiny droplets of water that have risen from the earth (sea).

Clouds are made of vapour and dust..some Clouds are thick..Vapour can be thick..some Clouds are dark..some Clouds are heavy..Clouds of vapour and dust are heavy..Vapour and dust have weight..Clouds that are filled with water are heavy..Water has weight.. Clouds fly..Vapour flies in the sky..Clouds fly fast..Clouds of vapour fly fast..Clouds of vapour fly fast in the sky..Clouds swiftly move along..Clouds of vapour swiftly move along..Clouds run before the wind..Clouds of vapour run before the wind..When there are lot of clouds in the sky, the sky is cloudy..When the sky is filled with dark clouds, the sky is grossly dark..Clouds can cover the sky.. Clouds can be bright..Light shines on and into clouds of vapour and dust..Light shines through clouds..Clouds form shapes..Clouds of vapour form shapes..The little cloud that rose up out of the sea was in the shape of a man's hand..Clouds of vapour rise up out of water (the sea).. Clouds of vapour are lifted up..Vapour is lifted up..Clouds of vapour rise up..Vapour rises up..Mist rises up from the earth..Clouds can be small..Clouds can be thin.. Vapour can be thin..The atmosphere is made of vapour and dust..Clouds of vapour and dust are continually being driven by the continually moving air..1 Kings 18:44.. Ecclesiastes 1:6..Space (heaven, the firmament) is made of vapour and dust.. Galaxies (heaven is) are made of vapour and dust.

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