Never let a day go by without accomplishing something.

1Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about. seeking whom he may devour;

 Eaten alive by the devil, Andrei Chikatilo! "The Rostov Ripper" 

Andrei Chikatilo: 
The Soviet Union's Most Brutal Cannibalistic Serial Killer!
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In the year of 2008, the god of the world upon this earth, [the devil Luke 4:5,6] came into my bedroom, and before a full length mirror, he "PERSONALLY INTRODUCED HIMSELF TO ME" as Jehovah, and later as Jesus Christ, & others, such as Buddha. and he even identified himself to me as The Devil, when attacking, and hurting me, an old widow, and as a result of "PERSONALLY" meeting this man, I now recognize him when I see him about the place. I recognize the man who is the devil in the body of Andrei Chikatilo, Russia's Rostov Ripper.

Now, the devil's [male and female angels who were cast out of heaven and into this earth!] live in a place called Sheol. Sheol is unseen to human eyes. Now according to these talkative devils, they are whisperers and tale bearers, and they get [among doing other things.] about the place, carting tales and running people down, and these devil's told me that the Almighty God has multiplied them, and they are in everybody, they are the ids in people, for example there is a Kingdom of Devil's in every person, and these people are the Tempters who tempt people to do evil, and these people are used by the Almighty God, at times, to hurt and torment people who sin.

Domestic Violence. Now when people get into sexual sin, i.e. when they become homosexuals, or when they are promiscuous, or marry a few times, these people whom, unknown and unseen to human's are there, somewhere, and who know about the affairs and homosexuality, and marriages, cart tales, and, for example, when a man or woman, comes home from work, these invisible people, tell the man or woman, what has been going on, for example, they tell the man what the woman has been doing, she may have been out wasting his money, and or running him down, and or, playing around with another man, and then, he goes off his head, and there are arguments, and at times, acts of Domestic Violence take place.

Isaiah 40:22 There is no peace, saith The LORD, unto the wicked.

Isaiah 57:21 There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked.

Proverbs 13:2 .. the soul of transgressors shall eat violence.
The god of the world offered me a Ministry in India, on condition I teach my Bible Studies over there, with the Indian Faith. I refused the man's offer,

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Jesus Christ in the Quran!

Jesus Christ in the Quran!